(To) The Bioarchaeologist’s Guide

A brief, inaugural post.



September 24, 2023


December 8, 2023

The Bioarchaeologist’s Guide has this to say on the subject of The Bioarchaeologist’s Guide:

Hello World

This is the inaugural post for The Bioarchaeologist’s Guide. The topic of this post will be The Bioarchaeologist’s Guide. How it came to be, what will be its purpose, and who is this Bjørn person anyway?

How it came to be

I have a bunch of notes on various topics that I wanted to share. Now I’m sharing them. That’s it.

What will be its purpose

The purpose of this site… blog… whatever it ends up being, is to provide a set of helpful resources on common topics in the field of bioarchaeology. Some may be interesting, others won’t. Some may be broadly applicable to many fields, others won’t. Topics will include dental diseases, statistics, the R programming language, and open science. It will not contain any entries on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but there will be quotes. There are, at the time of writing, two types of resources: Blog posts and Entries. Blog posts, like the one you are reading now, are long, often opinionated—but still grounded in facts— posts on a particular subject. If you don’t care about my opinions and find my writing to be unnecessarily filled with h2g2 references that you don’t understand and/or care about, you will often be able to find the essential parts of the blog posts in Entries. Basically the TL;DR.

I have done my best to make sure this site… blog… thing, will be as accessible as possible. The colours were generated using randoma11y and are chosen for their high contrast. The primary theme was styled after the BBC television adaptation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, but there is also a secondary theme with a lower contrast and Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (themes can be accessed using the switch in the navigation bar). I will also make sure that all images have alt text.

Who is this Bjørn person anyway?

I am a human, and the errors will reflect that (and I’m genuinely happy to have them pointed out). I’m a PhD student doing bioarchaeology. I have also been known to fumble may way through topics like Open Science and statistics.

Well, that about wraps it up for this post.